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Writing Contest: Overcoming Writer’s Doubt’ held by Positive Writer.”

Writers doubt, eh?...

Well for me that is something I'm still learning to overcome. I'm someone who gets as easily motivated as I do unmotivated. 
One of the many factors that plays a leading role in my doubt is feeling like I'm not perfect... Feeling like I'm using the wrong words, not using enough words, being too repetitive, or too many words altogether. It's a never ending battle between my dictionary, word counter and all the other tips and tricks I've read online that distract me from the main goal... WRITING.
Gosh, if I spent half the time I spent looking at all the tips and tricks, I'd of written at least four books by now... Or at least four more chapters in my current book. 

I've been writing since I was in elementary school, but I didn't get so deep into it until I was 18. But back elementary I didn't take myself too seriously, which now I see was a good thing. It was just something I did for fun and something that took me away from any troubles I was facing in my nonfictional world. 
It was fun, easy, and there weren't  any doubts at that time. 

I'm now 20, and I feel like writing is what I'd love to do for a living.
A lot has changed from my carefree days of writing, from when I couldn't have cared less about anyone else's opinion. Now that I've began to want to share my stories with other people besides, Me-Myself-and-I, doubt has come to play a leading role in shaking my confidence down to -0. 
Some of the first things to pop into my head now are; 

I wonder what people will  think? Will they like it? Will they hate it? Should I start over? Is the opening sentence enough to hook in my readers? 
I'm always thinking too much about what my readers will think, that I lose myself in doubt. 

Then the other questions would probably be: 

Will what I think is so wonderful and inspiring come across that way to someone else? 

Am I good enough to be doing what pro-writers have been doing since before I was born? 

Will anyone even read what I've worked so hard on? 

These are just some of the questions that shake my confidence. I'm someone who tends to crumble under the weight of my doubts. And when that happens I forget why I write. 
My doubts drown everything out, like a bad record playing nonstop. 

So what do I do to get past all the imaginary voices that tell me, "You can't do that!" or "You're not good enough!", "You suck! No ones going to read what you have to say!" ?

I remember, one of the many and maybe the only useful tips I've found through my journey at trying to be this "perfect" play by the rules writer, and that tip is; 

"Write for yourself. If you enjoy it, there's bond to be someone else out there who will too."  

And there it was, a simple little sentence that lifted me out of my self doubt. 

And in my opionion it's pretty true. There're a million, billion...?? Mmm, I'm never sure on how many humanoids walk the earth, but there're a lot! So chances are, there are a few somebodies out there who will read what I say, and who will love my work as much as I do. 

I want people to read my work, but that doesn't mean I'm going to focus how I write, and what I write so harshly on the opinions of others, that it sucks out all the love I feel for my writing. 

Could I be better at grammar and punctuation? —(if this post is any indication... I'd say yes. LOL! But I'd say that anyway, cause I know there's always room for improvement.) 
But honestly, does one... maybe two or more typos and missed commas or too many commas take away from my writing? Maybe, —(If you're the grammar-punctuation-Police it probably does), but I'd like to think it doesn't. If I can get my point across, even though it's grammatically incorrect, or not punctuated as perfectly as it could be, I feel like I've done my job as a writer. Being a writer isn't about being the best at all that technical stuff. To me it's about being able to convey a story, be it fiction or non-fiction, as best as I can. And if it can change someone's life in even the most minutest of ways, then I've done my duty as a writer. 

With all of that said, if I know one thing it's that, you surely can't please everybody, and nobody should want to. Maybe we're all after those select few likeminded people who don't mind our style of writing, and who don't mind that we're not perfect. I think the not being perfect is what makes what I write... well, perfect. Or maybe I'm just a narcissist when it comes to my writing. I can't help that I fall in love with my words at first type. Of course that doesn't make the editing part very fun...(cutting out words, sentences, even whole chapters can be likened to ripping out vital organs) But that's a story for another time. 

To beat my writers doubt I just remember, "WRITE FOR YOU!" And that I'm just as good as anyone else who has coined themselves a writer. Us writers were given the gift of words, so we need to put them to good use and don't let them stay locked in our head for countless years because of our own doubt and insecurities. 

I hope that this post can help another writer out there, and encourage someone else to share their tips and tricks on battling writers doubt. 

And to those of you who took the time to read this, 


Keep writing and don't give into DOUBT.


  1. Ahhhh!!! This is my first contest ever!!!!! LOL! Deciding to be brave and see what happens! It was pretty fun to write, given that the topic was about doubt... :)

  2. Thanks for entering the contest, I sincerely enjoyed it and I know a lot of writers will relate.

    Just one thing, you forgot to add the link back to the contest. Please add it.

    And remember, WRITE FOR YOU! - I love that.


    1. Thank you so much! I'm proud of myself for entering. I think I fixed the link, prayer is needed... Haha...

      Thankies for reading!!





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